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Will applying for a personal loan solve all your problems?

Applying for credit does not automatically open doors for you. You have to pay your outstanding debts first if successful with your loan from one of these micro lenders.

With the proof that you settled your debts (or brought it up to date again) you can apply for an update of your credit record again.

With the economic situation as it is there are a lot more Financial institutions who offer financial assistance as they know that is probably the only way these people can get finance for that car, long deserved holiday, wedding or whatever the need may be.

They deposit the money in your bank, and it is up to you how you want to spend it.

Micro lenders  versus banks

Most banks will not be willing to assist you if you do not have an excellent score as they consider it too high a risk. Gone are the days you could discuss your situation with the branch manager and explain your situation to him/her. 

Here is where the non bank service providers come in in. They know that most people just need a little help to get back on their feet again. But the banks are right, it is a high risk loan, therefore the criteria of the banks and these lenders differ.

Micro lenders  have to protect themselves as well; therefore they also have a minimum criteria you must meet before they will grant you the loan.

So do not despair as assistance is available

Your will find the details for these Financial institutions helping with these loans in adverts in the newspapers, on bulletin boards, as well as on the Internet


Global Finance helped me when I needed it most and my bank didn't want to...

T. Dolo, Johannesburg

I got a R70 000 loan - now I can buy a car and pay off some of my debts.

E Msimango, Eastern Cape

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