Aug 04

You Can Save Every Day!!!

Challenge yourself and see how much you can save on a daily basis by applying a few simple rules.

Use cash – Do Not Pay by Using Your Credit or Debit Cards

When you pay in cash for daily living expenses you will not easily buy extra luxury items as you will only be able to use the money in your purse. Leave all cards at home so you will not be tempted to use it.

Study and keep all till slips

Why should you do this?

You can be overcharged on some items or there can be duplicated items. Even worse, some stores allow you to draw money and it gets charged with your purchases.

You should check the slips to make sure there is no cash back transaction done that you are not aware of.
Keep all slips and check the totals weekly.

This way you will see what items were bought unnecessary and where you can perhaps cut down. You may think you bought nothing that was not needed and can be in for a surprise.

Do not feel for special discounts

These special discounts play with your sub conscious mind and you can indeed be spending more instead of less. In the food category it is still okay if it is items you are using on a regular basis, but not in clothing, make up and so forth.

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