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Feb 19

It Is Not Your Credit Card’s Fault


Surely credit card debt is expensive and can land you in big financial trouble, but you only have yourself to blame if this happens. Having a credit card to use in times of emergencies can be a very helpful tool. If you use your card responsible and not misusing it, it is very unlikely that …

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Feb 08

Never Ending Debt


Perhaps you are feeling trapped and are extremely frustrated as it feels like you will never see the bottom of your debt, even if you are not skipping payments. Did you know that a big part of that installment goes towards the repayment of the interest on the debt, or perhaps you are sometimes paying …

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Jan 15

Don’t Get Fooled By These Scams When Applying For a Personal Loan


There is a very good saying “when something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true” and believe me that is true. Here are some tips on how to recognize some scrupulous financial lenders whose only interest is to scam you out of your money. What to look out for …

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Dec 14

Your Child Is Never Too Young To Start Learning The Value Of Money.


It is not easy to say no to our children when they ask us to buy them something and we do not have the money for  it, regardless if it is a small or big item. What Should I do? Start teaching your kids the value of money and the importance of saving even if …

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Aug 05

Do Not Allow Debt to Rule Your Life


Debt can ruin you financially and physically if it is not handled with care. Prevention is always better than cure, but what if you are already caught in a debt trap? We will look at the before and after debt scenarios. Scenario 1 – Before Debt Jane just got a new job and is very …

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Aug 04

You Can Save Every Day!!!

Challenge yourself and see how much you can save on a daily basis by applying a few simple rules. Use cash – Do Not Pay by Using Your Credit or Debit Cards When you pay in cash for daily living expenses you will not easily buy extra luxury items as you will only be able …

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Jun 20

When is it essential to make Budget Changes?

There are some valid points to be considered when drawing up a budget for oneself.  If you did not consider the following points it is time to make changes. Ask yourself the following: Did I take all expenses in consideration; did I provide for emergency situations, did I take my Gross salary or Nett pay …

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Jun 10

You are not blacklisted but have a Low Credit Score, what can the reason be?

There are quite a few ways damaging your credit score without even knowing it.  Let’s look at a some. Although you may be very committed as you know that a good credit record is one of the biggest assets one can have, you have to familiarise you with what points are taken into consideration when …

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Jun 04

Tips on How to Save on Interest if you are Blacklisted or have a good Credit Record

The ideal will be if all of us could live a cash only life but the majority South Africans are not in such a fortunate position and do have to open accounts even if they would rather choose not to do so. How can one safe on interest? You may need  to buy school uniforms …

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May 08

Can I benefit by Debt Amnesty?

The answer is yes and no. People being in arrears with their accounts, listed as defaulters or with garnish or judgment against them could benefit by the amnesty proposal of partially clearing one’s credit record. As per the Credit Bureau Experian it can have a huge impact. Their study shows up to 2 million consumers …

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