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Apr 13

Why Are People Applying For Micro Loans?


What is the most common reason people in South Africa think they have no other option than apply for a Micro or Payday Loan? You may be surprised it is for consumption; people are desperate to put food on the table and will do anything to provide for their family, they are even willing to …

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Feb 19

It Is Not Your Credit Card’s Fault


Surely credit card debt is expensive and can land you in big financial trouble, but you only have yourself to blame if this happens. Having a credit card to use in times of emergencies can be a very helpful tool. If you use your card responsible and not misusing it, it is very unlikely that …

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Dec 10

How to Get The Best Interest Rate on Your Loan

int rates

When applying for a personal loan the interest rate you will be charged is of utmost importance. Let’s have a look at what you can do to get the best deal. Protecting Your Credit Score and Why It Is Important The interest rate you will be charged depends on your own personal profile. Each individual‘s …

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Jul 25

Need a Loan? – Questions To Ask

Times are tough and sometimes you have no other choice than applying for a loan, but you should ask some questions first such as; DO YOU ASK ANY UPFRONT FEES? If the answer is yes, ask why you have to pay these fees, do not just pay it. Some dishonest people ask large so called …

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Jul 19

Bad or no credit history – what can one do?

Perhaps you always lived on a cash only basis but due to the ever rising costs of living need some financial assistance but nobody is willing to help you.  Or you just turned 18 and started your first permanent job, and also as in previous scenario mentioned have no credit record as well and cannot …

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Jul 17

Over indebted, what can I do?

Once over indebted it can be very stressful and difficult to get out of this situation but it is possible.  By making some changes in your personal life it can be done, but only if you are determined and self disciplined as this will be a lengthy process. Some steps you can take to make …

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Jun 26

Blacklisted, stressed, you need cash but do not know where to go?

Money problems are one of the main reasons for people getting physically or mentally ill in our society today. Putting up a smiley face towards friends, family and colleagues while your inside is constantly in turmoil because of your financial status and money worries can even result in you having a breakdown and land in …

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Jun 13

Fast and convenient way to apply for a Personal or Blacklisted Loan

In today’s hectic life, time is a big factor and we are always looking for ways where we can save time. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, very often people have to work after hours as well just to keep up to date with all their responsibilities.  So it …

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Jun 10

You are not blacklisted but have a Low Credit Score, what can the reason be?

There are quite a few ways damaging your credit score without even knowing it.  Let’s look at a some. Although you may be very committed as you know that a good credit record is one of the biggest assets one can have, you have to familiarise you with what points are taken into consideration when …

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Jun 05

Are all Micro Lenders trying to rip off Blacklisted People?

Are all Micro Lenders trying to rip off Blacklisted People? There are a lot of debates around this issue, and as with anything else there are always two sides to the coin. Should you be one of those lenders ripping off the social grant pensioners by lending them cash and charge astronomic interest rates, also …

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