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Jan 13

How Being Blacklisted May Affect Your Credit


Having a bad credit score, regardless if it is for reasons behind your control or just past negligence it will affect your financial life negatively.   What will happen when you apply for a loan? There are several financial lenders catering for the consumer with bad credit as well, however you should be aware of …

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Jun 12

Bad Credit Pay day Loans, How to Escape from this month to month cycle

You may need cash immediately and y within hours, perhaps your children played cricket in the back yard and accidently hit one of your glass doors or windows, so it need to be fixed without delay.  The repairs costs including labour will R2000 just as an example.  It is the middle of the month, you …

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Jun 05

Are all Micro Lenders trying to rip off Blacklisted People?

Are all Micro Lenders trying to rip off Blacklisted People? There are a lot of debates around this issue, and as with anything else there are always two sides to the coin. Should you be one of those lenders ripping off the social grant pensioners by lending them cash and charge astronomic interest rates, also …

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Jun 03

Beware of Scams when applying for Personal or Blacklisted loans

When you are guaranteed that you will get a loan should you agree pay an upfront fee first, be very sceptical.  It does not make any sense that paying any advance fees will guarantee you a loan, so often this is just a way of robbing the already financially distressed person. Just think for yourself …

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May 31

Exactly what is an unsecured personal loan?

  When you have accounts in arrears and a not so good credit record the banks tendency is to reject your loan application.  They normally only cater for people with a good credit record who using their home or car as surety, but should they fall behind with their payments they can lose their assets …

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May 24

Your Poor Credit Lifeline

Perhaps you have a bad credit rating history and are unable to get any help from the banking institutions despite the fact that you may need the funds for something that is a matter of life and death, like one of your family members need an emergency operation and you do not just want to …

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May 09

Personal Loans for Blacklisted people, must one be a Home owner?

You do not need to be a home owner when applying for blacklisted loans as the financial institutions offering these types of loans are not asking for any surety.  Therefore you can never lose your assists should you run into temporary financial problems. You can even apply for a bad credit loan with a judgement …

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May 02

Is there help for the blacklisted consumer?

Being blacklisted does not mean you are a bad person.  Factors beyond ones control are mostly the reason why a person’s credibility takes a knock. The majority of consumers are honest and desperately want to pay their accounts as they should, luckily there are several financial lenders willing to assist these people with finance thereby …

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Apr 29

Applying for Personal Finance: What is the consumer’s rights?

Irrespective of the amount an individual is looking for, should it be 1 million Rand or only R500 they are entitled to be treated with the same respect and dignity. Most people also run in to some financial trouble sometimes and should one have a poor credit record it does not mean that they can …

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Apr 26

Personal Loans steps from start to end

A personal loan is exactly what it says, personal, so you can use the money as you wish. When you need fast cash for some emergencies it is also the quickest way of getting the much needed money. Search for a reliable loan provider: There are several ways to look for a money lender like …

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