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Jul 19

Bad or no credit history – what can one do?

Perhaps you always lived on a cash only basis but due to the ever rising costs of living need some financial assistance but nobody is willing to help you.  Or you just turned 18 and started your first permanent job, and also as in previous scenario mentioned have no credit record as well and cannot …

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Jun 25

Blacklisted with bad credit and struggling to survive?

Very few people do not have financial problems of some kind due to the ups and downs of the economic stand of affairs we are experiencing in South Africa.  Even people that are not blacklisted are affected  by the ever increasing cost of living caused by factors such as higher petrol and electricity rates, Strikes …

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Jun 18

Need to apply for a Bad Credit Loan, what will be not revealed on my credit report?

The only reason loan providers need to check your credit report is to see what your monthly financial obligations are; some people are not declaring all their debts or some minor accounts may just slip their minds. Your payment profile, total amount of debts and default data will be recorded on your credit report.  Also …

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Jun 07

Can I apply for a Bad Credit Loan if I just started a New Job?

Very unlikely, although you may have been made redundant at your previous job, had no income for a while, became blacklisted as you could not afford to pay your accounts at all but settled all the arrears when you received your lump sum the most financial institutions will be reluctant to assist you. One reason …

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Jun 06

Can I Re Apply should my Blacklisted Loan be Rejected?

Should your loan for finance been rejected the financial service provider will have a very good reason why it was declined.  You are allowed to ask the provider the reason; perhaps there is something you can do about it. There are quite a few reasons why you were not granted credit.  Let’s look at some …

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Jun 03

Beware of Scams when applying for Personal or Blacklisted loans

When you are guaranteed that you will get a loan should you agree pay an upfront fee first, be very sceptical.  It does not make any sense that paying any advance fees will guarantee you a loan, so often this is just a way of robbing the already financially distressed person. Just think for yourself …

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May 27

Reasons why your Bad Credit loan application should Not be Declined.

Should you be permanently employed with a stable income, your salary gets paid into your bank account via EFT, and you can easily afford the monthly instalment your application should not be rejected just because of your past not so good credit record. By looking at the broader picture a lot of financial companies saw …

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May 15

Ways to Get a Bad Credit Loan

Having a bad credit record/rating makes it difficult to obtain a loan when in a financial situation where you need cash desperately; whether be for something small like replacing a broken window or doctors bill, or you may need a bit more for another emergency. Although there are many honest reputable companies offering financial assistance …

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May 10

Do you need surety when applying for a Bad Credit Loan?

You get two types of personal loans, secured loans and unsecured loans.  For the secured loan an applicant must give some collateral, thereby “secure” the loan.  As the bad credit loans fall under the micro finance sector for unsecured loans no surety is asked. You are also not risking losing your assets should you fall …

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May 03

How can a Bad Credit Loan change my life?

Applying for a bad credit loan can actually be a lifesaver when severely in debt. It can even be beneficial to your health as you will have less stress to cope with. Can one really benefit by such a personal loan? Yes, definitely but not if you are applying for finance only to get your …

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