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Feb 22

What Does Being Blacklisted Mean?


When you are not paying your accounts regularly and on time you can be considered as a defaulter, making it very difficult for you to get credit again. Luckily there are ways how you can become credit worthy after being blacklisted, however you will need to be very disciplined if you want to succeed in …

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Jul 17

Over indebted, what can I do?

Once over indebted it can be very stressful and difficult to get out of this situation but it is possible.  By making some changes in your personal life it can be done, but only if you are determined and self disciplined as this will be a lengthy process. Some steps you can take to make …

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Jun 26

Blacklisted, stressed, you need cash but do not know where to go?

Money problems are one of the main reasons for people getting physically or mentally ill in our society today. Putting up a smiley face towards friends, family and colleagues while your inside is constantly in turmoil because of your financial status and money worries can even result in you having a breakdown and land in …

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Jun 25

Blacklisted with bad credit and struggling to survive?

Very few people do not have financial problems of some kind due to the ups and downs of the economic stand of affairs we are experiencing in South Africa.  Even people that are not blacklisted are affected  by the ever increasing cost of living caused by factors such as higher petrol and electricity rates, Strikes …

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Jun 24

Pre approved for a Personal or Blacklisted Loan, can I be 100% sure I will get the funds?

The only time you can be 100% sure  is once the money gets disbursed in your bank accoun,t even should the credit grantor gave you a pre quote and you accepted it things can still go wrong. Pre quotations are of vital importance to both the consumer and the lender for various reasons. When applying …

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Jun 13

Fast and convenient way to apply for a Personal or Blacklisted Loan

In today’s hectic life, time is a big factor and we are always looking for ways where we can save time. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, very often people have to work after hours as well just to keep up to date with all their responsibilities.  So it …

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Jun 12

Bad Credit Pay day Loans, How to Escape from this month to month cycle

You may need cash immediately and y within hours, perhaps your children played cricket in the back yard and accidently hit one of your glass doors or windows, so it need to be fixed without delay.  The repairs costs including labour will R2000 just as an example.  It is the middle of the month, you …

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Jun 06

Can I Re Apply should my Blacklisted Loan be Rejected?

Should your loan for finance been rejected the financial service provider will have a very good reason why it was declined.  You are allowed to ask the provider the reason; perhaps there is something you can do about it. There are quite a few reasons why you were not granted credit.  Let’s look at some …

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Jun 03

Beware of Scams when applying for Personal or Blacklisted loans

When you are guaranteed that you will get a loan should you agree pay an upfront fee first, be very sceptical.  It does not make any sense that paying any advance fees will guarantee you a loan, so often this is just a way of robbing the already financially distressed person. Just think for yourself …

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May 30

Convenience of a Blacklisted Loan

With the petrol prize always rising it affects the prize of each and every item we need to buy making it extremely difficult for some to put food on the table. Not to forget about Eskom’s high rates for electricity also contributing to the struggle to make ends meet. Unfortunately this can result in you …

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